Fun Places To Ride E-bikes

Get out there and ride! It feels great if you’re enjoying a 28 miles an hour breeze. But sometimes finding the right place to crank full speed can be frustrating – especially with regards to e-bike regulations, which change frequently as new laws pop in some areas but not others. Learn the locations of fun places to ride that are e-bike friendly.

Garden of the Gods 

1805 N. 30th St., Colorado Springs, CO 80904

You can tour Garden of the Gods with a guide or with your own self-guided group on approved trails. One of the draws of this natural national landmark is the exceptional elevations; you won’t have to worry about exhausting yourself anymore with your e-bike in tow. Observe the famous birds of the park on your ride and keep an eye out for the famous red rocks.

Rothrock State Forest

State College, PA 16801

Rothrock State Forest spans an impressive 96,975 acres in Pennsylvania. Not all the natural areas are open to e-bikes, but plenty of trails are. In fact, over 290 miles of trails are approved for class one e-bikes, provided they meet the standards set forth by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Sanibel Island Beach Trails

Sanibel, FL 33957

You can travel to Sanibel via car or ride your bike over from the mainlands via the bridges. With over 22 miles of paved bike trails, crossing the whole of Sanibel, including paved roads and beaches, is a dream come true for e-bike riders. All kinds of cyclists are encouraged to use the trails, and they are celebrated in the local community. You can take your ZuGo e-bike on the island if you have a friend who travels light. Be sure to take the trip down to the Sanibel Lighthouse for beach access and public fishing from the pier.

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Inyo National Forest CA

351 Pacu Lane, Suite 200, Bishop, CA 93514

The Mono Lake District of Inyo Park has some of the most enjoyable biking trails that are available. This park is a treasure to the nation. Housing every available natural wonder, Inyo has plenty of sites to be seen both on and off your e-bike. Inyo National Forest is a magical place that’s also known as “the land of superlatives.” Inyo includes the oldest:

  • Inland Lake, known as Mono Lake
  • Deserts, the Great Basin, and Cadillac Deserts
  • Glaciers found in Glacier Canyon
  • Living trees, the ancient Bristlecone Pines
  • And second oldest known living trees on the Earth

Fern Canyon Scenic Trail at Van Damme State Park

Little River, California 95456

Another treasure of California’s tremendously long state is the scenic trails in Van Damme State Park. Fantastic ocean views and lush forest trails filled with prehistoric-sized ferns wow riders with their stunning foliage. Thankfully, the State of California stretches out far and wide and gives visitors and citizens alike plenty of park systems to choose from for beautiful e-bike riding and enjoyment. If you bring a reliable lock system and can set your bike aside, travel up the hill to the Pygmy Forest, which showcases trees hundreds of years old that have only grown to a few feet tall in all their glory. The Pygmy Forest is a surreal viewing experience, particularly after seeing giant Redwoods.

Santa Rampage 2021: The Return of the Rampage

Bike Fed Office, 187 E Becher St., Milwaukee, WI 53207

Every year in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Santa Rampage takes over the streets. A group of dedicated riders with both pedal only and all kinds of e-bikes don Santa Claus costumes and hit the pavement for a good cause. If this sounds like something that tickles your merry fancy or if you think you might have a chance at meeting the actual big guy, book a trip to the cheese state this December or for a December in years to come. If you’re one of the first 500 registrants this year, you receive a free embroidered patch designed with Santa and Rudolph riding a tandem bike to sport all season long.

Timucuan Trail

Amelia Island State Park, Florida A1A, Jacksonville, FL 32226

Amelia Island is one in a series of quaint and ultra-beachy island communities located in St. John’s County. You can experience the chill vibes for yourself as you travel from island to island on paved trails, bridges, or ferries. Don’t miss the beach biking on renowned Boneyard Beach, where you can stop for an obligatory photo op. Boneyard is home to an unsettling shoreline littered with weathered frames of cedar, pine, and oak trees. If you continue a little north, you will find yourself riding on a segment of the East Coast Greenway.

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No matter which location you choose to visit with your electric bike, you’ll soak in each area’s sights and beautiful scenery. All locales are e-bike approved, though it may be necessary to do additional research to determine where trailheads begin and end for specific e-bike riding. Another important consideration is the type of e-bike you have; some sites allow type one e-bikes with pedal-assist only but do not allow type two or type three bikes. Be sure to check local listings and guidelines for the most up-to-date information before visiting.

We look forward to seeing you out on the trail with your ZuGo Bike. You’ll be well on your way to making memories riding trails on scenic byways and historic beaches.